Thursday, June 14, 2012

My GO-TO Dinner

Hello! Remember me?!
You would think with my less than ideal circumstances I would have blog posts up every hour.... 

... obviously that is not the current situation we have at on our hands at the moment. Instead of enlightening you with easy, healthy meals to try, or recapping my oh-so exciting life adventures, I've been at the mercy of my dead camera battery and wedding shower planning - both excuses, but valid excuses?

Anyway, between licking envelopes and watching people race from the sidelines, I managed to snap a few quick photos in my kitchen of my GO-TO dinner. 
Remember back in the day when I shared The Anything and Everything Shake? Well here is the Anything and Everything Salad:
Looks kind of gross, right? But it's SO good! 

Lot's of veggies:

Along with some Avocado:

I usually throw some hummus and blue cheese on top as well. Unless I'm at a restaurant, I typically use hummus as my salad dressing. Paired with some avocado, it's a great way to get the creaminess of those gross popular ranch dressings without consuming all that glorious trans fat goodness.

Besides the taste and beautiful colors, I love the fact that it takes me awhile to finish it all.

Anyone else have a go-to dinner?
If my refrigerator is void of my favorite salad staples, I usually go the chicken and sweet potato route. 

Stay Healthy,

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