Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Anything and Everything Smoothie

I typically do my grocery shopping on Sundays, and although I curse my habit every time I walk in to the overcrowded store, I like knowing that I have everything I need for the work week ahead. So while this habit allows me to be prepared for the weekdays, it usually leaves me scrounging around for anything that still resembles food on Saturdays. 

This is where I found myself yesterday morning. 
I had just gotten back from a bitter cold 9 mile run and really wanted some warm oatmeal, only, just my luck, I had none...figures, right? 
Anyway, after taking some quick action I discovered a yogurt, some really old kale, half a banana and some leftover frozen blubes from my cleansing days. Perfect ingredients for a smoothie. Along with some SP Complete from the Standard Process line, I had the second best thing after oatmeal:

The Anything and Everything Smoothie:
I'd like to think everyone gets the idea of this smoothie, but for those who might have just gotten up and have yet to get their morning coffee... here are the directions:
*Find what you have in your kitchen, throw in your blender and blend! 

Stay Healthy,


  1. i love kale in smoothies!

    what is sp complete? you have mentioned it a few times?

  2. It's a whole food and herbal supplement... kind of like a protein powder but it has lots of vegetables in it! It also has whey and brown rice protein powder and buckwheat.

    It's vegetarian!!!

  3. where do i find it?

  4. From me! That means you need to visit me.... but if you're too busy, it's only sold by certain healthcare places who sell it