Monday, June 18, 2012

Homemade Summer Treats

Morning! Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend - I sure did! I attended the first of many, many wedding events I have on board for this summer and I had a blast hanging out with my good friends while also meeting lots of wonderful people. I realized during my roommate's wedding shower, and more specifically while she was opening up the gobs of gifts filled with shiny new kitchen appliances and gadgets, that I can't wait to get married.... you know, for the brand new Keurig coffee maker I could receive... the health insurance....and these fun Popsicle holders....

Summer officially starts in three 3 days. I don't know about you guys, but I can think of nothing better than ringing in the best season of the year with a cool, refreshing, tasty, homemade treat.....

I have yet to make the following recipes, but they will definitely be on my to-do list once I find the time between planning wedding showers, attending wedding showers, planning bachelorette parties and fitting into bridesmaid dresses. 

Besides being more healthy than the sugar-laden store bought sorts, homemade freezer pops are a whole lot cheaper and allow you to showcase your creative side in the kitchen. 

Don't have an impending wedding registry? 
No problem... Dixie cups and wooden craft sticks are the perfect solution!

Here are 5 recipes from Let me know how they turn out!!

Stay Healthy, 

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  1. I just made some pretty money popsicles the other day. Super simple, super sensational. Blend up ruby red grapefruits with a handful of fresh mint. boom.