Friday, July 6, 2012

Start NOW.

Hi all! Happy Friday! Is everyone ready for the weekend? Anyone doing anything fun? Everyone going to Run Fest tomorrow? I'll see you there!

Anyway, I'd like to take the time to discuss a somewhat personal issue - weight.
duh. duh. duhhh.

Whether you walk away from this post with assurance that you're not alone in this constant battle of maintaining a healthy weight, or if you skip off with a big fat smile on your face, knowing that the girl who tells you to eat broccoli and kale has her own issues with weight - I hope this post serves some sort of purpose for you and isn't solely just a way for me to get my butt into gear.

At any rate, I could talk for hours, and in all reality, easily write a 230 page book about my past history with weight-related issues, but I'm not one to spill my guts on the first date. So with that being said, let's focus on the what's going on today, right now on this, yet again, hot, sticky and humid Friday.

Since graduating college in 2008, I took a very strong interest in running. I went from barely being able to complete a loop around my meager half mile block to finishing 26.2 miles, twice. I found myself opting out of the late night bar scene for the chance to get to bed early so I could wake up early and get an easy 8 miles in before the day started. Between averaging at least 25 miles a week, plus additional spinning classes, there was no room or even desire to not choose a healthy diet.... (with the occasional bowl of ice cream or seasonal draft, of course).

Things were going great, until disaster struck. (ok, ok, that was a slight huge exaggeration)

Things were going great, until a major minor moderate setback struck (that's probably more accurate). After a year of chronic ankle issues, the worst was finally brought to light - torn tendon in the ankle. If I wanted an active life free of pain and arthritis, surgery was the only option.

I went from this:

to this:

That's a whole lot of sitting around. 
And a whole lot of ....
  • "suuure I'll meet you for happy hour, I don't have anything else to do!"
  • "I deserve dessert, I just had surgery"
  • "I can't work out in the morning, of course I can stay out later"
But guess what? Grace period is over. Time to get my butt into gear - not so I can fit into my multiple bridesmaid dresses later this summer, but so I can feel good and feel healthy and feel strong

I have officially started physical therapy and have been given a few liberties when it comes to exercise. It's time to break up with my couch and my feel sorry for me attitude and start some new relationships.... stationary bikes? swimming? saying no to evening ice cream trips? I don't know! The possibilities are endless. 

I'm newly motivated and I'm excited to share my enthusiasm for getting back to what makes us feel good and feel healthy with others who may be struggling as well. 

Don't start tomorrow. Start today. 
Don't start later. Start NOW.

On that note... I'm off to the gym... see you guys later!

Stay Healthy,

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