Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tuna. Learn to Like It!

Good Morning!

I've got just a few minutes before I need to head over to the gym, so I thought I'd pop in real quick and say hello and remind ya'll to head over/down/up to the airport this afternoon to check out RunFest.

There will be lots of fun stuff going on, not to mention the best booth, well after the food trucks, of the event - Alexander Chiropractic! Stop by and say hello!

I also wanted to quickly praise a super quick and easy AND healthy recipe that is an awesome go-to when you're stuck with what to make for lunch or dinner:

Tuna Avocado Spread!
It's not the most prettiest meal ever, but it sure does taste good. 
I always get so disappointed when people tell me they don't like tuna because there are SO many different combinations and possibilities that can be done to create, like I said, a quick but healthy meal. 

Adding avocado to the tuna is one of my favorite combinations. Not only are you getting the creamy texture of the traditional tuna salad with the avocado, but you're also getting good sources of protein and healthy fats. I'm pretty sure the only thing better than this is finding a million dollars in your couch cushions. 

All I do to create this wonderful meal, is to empty a pack of tuna into a small mixing bowl, add about 1/4 - 1/3 avocado and mash. 
Sometimes, if I think of it, I'll add a little bit of honey mustard or pepper to give it some additional flavor. I've also added one of those Laughing Cow creamy cheese wedges to the mix as well - I got that idea from this blog, but for the above meal, I simply just threw on a slice of swiss cheese and called it a day. 

Alright, on that note, I need to boogie. 

I'll see ya'll this afternoon !!! ;)

Stay Healthy and COOL!

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