Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy Versions.

Hey guys! I hope ya'll had a great weekend, but I hope even more that it was spent outside... was today beautiful or what?! Even yesterday was fantastic... perfect running weather.

I'm really excited for this post because I have pictures that actually came from my camera and pictures of actual food that I made.

Since graduating college, and subsequently graduating from terrible eating habits, I've always looked for ways to "healthify" the foods I ate, and this weekend was no exception.

Example #1:
Tuna Melt:

Example #2:
Potato Salad:

So while I'm super pumped about remembering to take pictures and upload them to my computer, I'm also very disappointed that I don't have actual recipes for the above dishes. Blogger fail.

But anyway, the basic gist of making healthy versions of tuna and potato salad is to replace half the mayonaise with plain yogurt. This allows you to still keep the taste of a traditional salad recipe, but you get the added benefit of cutting back on fat and calories. You can then continue to add whatever additional ingredients the recipe you are using calls for.
For my above dishes, I kind of just went with what I had in the kitchen, which is a total shock (get ready for this mom) because I am an organized, lets make plans, give me a time, I need an exact measurement type of gal, so for me to just throw things together... let's just say it doesn't happen often..... so I apologize for no exact recipes.

The tuna salad had yogurt, a touch of mayo and a couple second squirt of honey mustard - with the cheese and bread of course. The potato salad contained potatoes (another shock) yogurt, mayonaise, BBQ sauce, chopped up celery and some generous shakes of onion powder and ground black pepper.
So there ya go! Ways to make traditional dishes a tad more healthy!
If anyone has any other ways to make things more healthy without compromising too much on taste, please, share the knowledge!

Did you guys take advantage of the warm weekend? What did you do?
I got out and did lots of running and dug up all the dead plants and flowers on the back patio - in between lots of basketball - #hoosiers #musketeers

Stay Healthy,


  1. I use greek yogurt in my alfredo sauce instead of heavy cream. It is much healthier and has a yummy "zing"! I can send the recipe; I got it from runner's world magazine.