Thursday, August 2, 2012

230 Million? Are you Serious?

Hi Guys! How was everyone's Thursday?!

Mine, was awesome, thanks for asking.

I got to spend the majority of my day at the Standard Process "home base" in Westerville this afternoon, listening and learning about all things clinical nutrition. I always leave these type of lectures and classes re-thinking my small handful of dark chocolate I grab from my freezer after dinner. Especially when you hear things like...
Over the past 20 years the total number of people with diabetes worldwide has risen from 30 million to 230 million.
Yep. Can you believe that? Insane. 

I got home this evening and had about 46 different back and forth arguments in my mind about whether to get some exercise in or not. The above figure and my impending struggle of fitting into two different bridesmaid dresses over the next month heavily influenced my final decision. And while my healing ankle and my recent bike swipe prevented me from doing a tough workout... a good 3 mile walk/run did the trick, for now at least. 

I came home and decided to use up some locally grown summer squash and zucchini for dinner. Alls I did was cut them length ways, rubbed a bit of EVOO on them, sprinkled some pepper and plopped them on the trusty George Foreman:

 Who says grilled summer veggies can't be done without a grill!

These summer veggies are good for vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese. 
Additionally, they should be given silver medals for their antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits and coincidentally, their abilities to balance blood sugar levels. The nutrients contained in the summer squash variety shown above have been shown to keep insulin metabolism in balance and most importantly, prevent Type II Diabetes. 

So eat YO squash! 

Stay Healthy and Go USA

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  1. Sometimes, I will cut up zucchini and throw some parmesan on top. Makes a great snack/ mini appetizer for guests.