Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walk to Run?

It's hard to believe that after completing 2 full marathons, I'm sitting here planning out a walk-to-run program. While it's disappointing that my level of fitness has dropped so significantly, it's also very exciting to think of the challenge I have in front of me.

I got the okay from my doctor last week to start doing whatever I feel comfortable doing - within reason. I even got the okay to paint the town red in my favorite heels if I wanted to.... but considering my track record with heels (which is zero) I think my main focus is to paint the town red in my running shoes.

Once I got clearance to start gradually running, I hit the pavement within hours. I mixed up walking with running every so many blocks and realized that it is much harder to take it easy on running than not running at all. It was then that I pondered the idea of having a set plan and schedule in place so I don't go and do anything crazy, like sign up for a 5k this weekend.... a few days later that tentative idea I was casually pondering was quickly made into reality when my boss forced presented me an actual walk to run program.

So here I am... 26.2 mile veteran, planning out when I'm going to walk for 30 minutes....

But in all seriousness, this is the best thing for my grandiose-goal mind.
Here is the plan, taken from a local Columbus Running store - FRONTRUNNER.

I might jump ahead to week 2... just a thought though :)

Stay Healthy,

Anyone training for a 5k? Let me know if you use this program and how it goes!

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