Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pointing You in the Right Direction

Good Morning All!

My less than mobile lifestyle has led me to be even more of a blog-nerd than usual. After getting a good workout in last night by means of crutching around Target, I spend the rest of my evening watching my hometown boys beat the Atlanta Braves while reading my usual blog suspects and discovering new blogs along the way. (I figure the cat's already out of the bag when it comes to my blog addiction, why waste energy trying to tiptoe around the fact!)
This picture is solely for my own enjoyment - what's a blog post without at least one picture. (Save the dates for our wedding will be sent out shortly)

At any rate, between my blogs, my twitter and just surfin' the web... I happened upon the No Meat Athlete Blog. Long story short - it's about being an athlete while maintaining a vegetarian diet. Lots of stories, recipes and workouts are right at your fingertips by clicking the link referenced 30 words ago.

I bring this specific blog up because the most recent post by the No Meat Athlete is about making lifestyle changes by breaking one habit at a time -  perfect topic of discussion, right?! I figure why waste time re-writing what he has to say while running the risk of stealing someone's already eloquent words when I can just as easily point ya'll in the right direction. So here it is again: How I've Been Changing My Life One Habit at a Time.

Read it!!

Let me know what ya'll think too. What habit do you have a hard time breaking? What have you tried to help break it?

Stay Healthy,

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