Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dating World

I'll tell ya what, life as a 25 year old is tough...

But life as a single 25 year old in the active dating world is especially tough.
Allow me to elaborate.

I've been on many, many dates in the past couple years, and in effort to keep personal details, well, personal, we're going to keep that little insight into my life at that. I know, I know, juicy gossip is always fun, but this is "Everyday Eating" not "Everyday Dating."

Anyways, getting back to the topic of discussion.

On these dates I've been on, I can confidently say that 95% of those dates involved alcohol and/or food. Whether it's blamed on lack of ideas or the notion that a drink or two will ease any first-date jitters, at some point over the course of the date, calories are typically consumed. And while you all probably know by now that I am definitely, 100% in support of enjoying an occasional alcoholic beverage or two, or succumbing to an ice cream cone should the occasion arise, but what I'm not for is mindlessly "throwing back" multiple cheap beers over the course of a couple hours, multiple times a week, which, let's face it, has high probability of happening.

It goes without saying that everyone would benefit from a change of pace when it comes to dating activities, and this doesn't have to be strictly aimed towards couples. I can recount several occasions when my girlfriends and I wanted something to do and ended up getting drinks and inevitably consuming way more calories than needed. So with that being said, I was more than ecstatic when I opened my email yesterday morning and found this little gem sitting in my inbox:"20 Fun Date Ideas That Burn Calories."
girl power. 

I'll let you guys do most of the in depth investigating,
but here are the Date Ideas:
  1. Volunteer
  2. Go Dancing
  3. Play a Sport
  4. Learn How to Rock Climb
  5. Go Bowling
  6. Be Tourists
  7. Have an Active Game Night
  8. Visit an Orchard
  9. Play Laser Tag
  10. Make a Healthy Meal
  11. Run or Walk a 5K
  12. Take a Workout Class
  13. Plan Trees
  14. Walk a Dog
  15. Go Skating
  16. Go Window Shopping
  17. Go Fishing
  18. Play Bar Games
  19. Take a Hike
  20. Ride a Bike

And again, these don't have to be specifically for dating... next time you and your buddy are bored, don't always resort to happy hour. Go bowling instead. Play some tennis outside. Volunteer to walk dogs and hit two birds with one stone. The options are endless. 

Do you guys have any more suggestions?
Attend a sporting event. With the newer stadium downtown, the Columbus Clippers is an awesome date idea, and you can usually find special deals on tickets. Just remember to stick to 1 hot dog on Dime-a-Dog nights. 

What is the last active thing you did with a friend or significant other?
The driving range and throwing a football are always my favorite. 

Stay Healthy, (and Active!)

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