Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sports Drinks vs. Water

Before I bust out a blog post, I typically like to take find pictures for the blog that relate to the topic I'm about to enlighten ya'll on... so this morning, in attempt to do so, I found this hilarious, however, mildly inappropriate picture that is perfect for this post.... and while I would love to add some lively color and language to the blog... I'm afraid it might corrupt my perfect, I never do anything wrong, Catholic-school girl image... so this will have to do.... for now at least.
drink more water
props to pinterest for finding me a suitable photo for the general public. 

Did you guess what I am going to type about??!

I hope so... because it's pretty cut and dry in my ever-so creative title, but just to cover my bases, continue reading for further information regarding the topic on which is better for you: sports drinks or water. 

I'll be the first one to admit that when I see Vitamin Waters (zero) on sale 10 for 10 at Giant Eagle, Kroger or my best-friend Target, I get a little smile on my face... come on, let's be honest... they are easy on the taste buds, am I right? (I am, yes, but if you don't believe me, ask my roommate... she just bought 14)

So anyway, enough small talk... 

I'll let you in on a little secret.... drink the water. 
true story - my roommate once forced me to try smart water out of a wine glass, what a bully, and what a nerd for taking a picture of it...

Water hydrates the best. 
It's cheap. 
It's almost always available. 

Sports drinks may taste good, but they also contain sugar, or in some cases, artificial sweetener.

So unless you are about to embark on a 20 mile run, just got finished with a 3 hour outdoor tennis match or are recovering from a 72 hour stomach bug, water is your best choice.

Replenishing lost electrolytes becomes an issue during long and intense workouts... not after a half hour rendez-vous on the treadmill... I don't care if you are talking on the phone, watching Ellen and at a level 6 incline - stick to the H20.

On that note, go fill up your water bottle and have at it...

Stay Healthy,

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