Monday, March 5, 2012

Alcohol and Exercise

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

So, for the first time in, well, possibly ever, I actually benefited from my terrible Facebooking habit... (stay with me here...)
Yesterday morning, while enjoying my perfectly-healthy-in-moderation cup of coffee, I came across a friend's updated activity on my Facebook newsfeed that grabbed my attention.... "Person I barely know but still stalk on Facebook just read an article on Washington Post Social Reader -  Drinking and Exercise: How Alcohol Affects Your Body."

I debated for a short minute on not reading the article... I thought to myself that this article is for those 21 and 22 year old's who start their weekends on Thursday and end them on Tuesday... definitely not me...but then I flashed back to my week.... 1 beer with dinner on Saturday.... 2 happy hour beers on Friday... glass of wine with friend on Wednesday.... hmmm... maybe I should read this article... I did... and as a die-hard runner and exerciser... not to mention a girl finding it a tad harder to fit into her khaki pants... I'm rethinking this whole post college "I don't drink a lot" mentality.
Here's a brief overview of the article, but I highly suggest you read it in it's entirety.

How Alcohol Affects Your Body:
  • Slower Recovery 
  • Packed-On Fat
  • Disrupted Sleep
  • Depleted Water and Nutrients 

Check it out here: Alcohol and Exercise

How much is alcohol a part of your life?
For me, any sort of social situation involves alcohol... it's for sure a challenge that's hard to avoid. 

Stay Healthy,

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