Friday, March 2, 2012

Aw, Sugar, Sugar.

It's no shocker that sugar is  e v e r y w h e r e  ....

 I was in Target the other week, I mean, I was in Target yesterday (who am I trying to fool... I'm probably there 5 times a week) and walked down an aisle and found discounted Valentine's Day candy.... I turned down another aisle only to find just the beginning of at least 5 aisles stacked with Easter candy....

Like I said... its everywhere, and while it may seem easy to avoid, you know... like dodging all aisles filled with brightly colored bags of chocolate.... it's the other aisles that you need to be worried about... the aisles that may seem healthy, but in all reality have just as much, if not more sugar than the chocolate covered marshmallow Easter Bunnies that you strategically looked away from moments earlier...

Hidden Sugar.
It's dangerous.
It's why America is so fat.
and worst of all...
it's hidden.

Take for example this cereal breakfast bar below:
The box highlights the nutrition facts that you want to see:

  • low sodium
  • low fat
  • high fiber
  • high in vitamins
Flip the box over and discover the sugar content: 16 grams.

You could eat this delicious processed cookie:

Oreo Cookie:
14 grams

and consume 2 grams LESS sugar than the granola bar.

Or this flavored yogurt for 3 additional grams of sugar:

flavored yogurt: 19 grams

Don't let the terms organic, natural or low fat fool you. Just because it may seem healthy at first glance... doesn't mean it is healthy.... read the nutrition facts - all of them. 
A recent study revealed that most people only read the first 5 lines on the Nutrition Facts. 
Sugar content is typically line 9.

Do me and your body a favor and take the extra time at the grocery store to find the hidden sugar in products before you buy them. 

On that note, I'm off to make some oatmeal....

plain oatmeal:
1 gram

Stay Healthy,

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