Friday, May 11, 2012

Compromise Elsewhere.

Happy Friday Guys! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week!

Over the past couple days I've been reading a lot of magazines and a lot of online articles, and while I've definitely had my fair share of gossip news (let's be real, we all want to know who's with who in hollywood) I've also been reading up on a lot of health news and stories.

Something that particularly sparked my interest was an article about deli meat. I can't tell you how many times people feel ashamed or embarrassed when they tell me they typically have a daily sandwich with some sort of deli meat.

So what's the story behind all of this? Why do they feel ashamed? Should they feel ashamed? Are cold cut meats really all the bad for us?

Well, hang out for a bit more and we'll get to the bottom of this conundrum.

Here are some Deli Meat Guidelines:

  • Eliminate the processed kind - bologna, salami, pepperoni. These are higher in fat and sodium than other options and will not provide a healthy base for building a sandwich. 
  • So what options do I have? Lots! Turkey, ham, chicken and even roast beef are all good options when it comes to choosing your deli sandwich. 
  • Choose a good brand. As with anything these days, the more money you spend on something, the better quality you're going to experience. The healthiest brand of deli meat should be 100% meat with no fillers and no nitrates. Here are a few grocery store examples:
    • Boar's Head
    • Applegate Farms
    • Wellshire
  • Low Sodium. Always opt for the lower sodium option - always. 
  • Frequency. If you can afford buying quality deli meat for a sandwich everyday - go for it. However, if you are on a budget and can't afford the good stuff for a daily sandwich, mix it up! Dish out the money for the meats with no fillers and preservatives every once in awhile and enjoy things such as tuna, peanut butter or hummus in between deli meat buys.

So, deli meats. What are our thoughts now? Are they good for us? Are they still bad for us?

Well, follow those steps up above and you'll never have to feel guilty about chowing down on that afternoon sandwich you've been hiding from your co-workers! (obviously it should go without saying, that your sandwich should be made with whole grains and lots of fiber-filled vegetables!)

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