Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trivia Answer and Ballpark Eats!


I apologize for not posting the answer to the hotdog question sooner... excuses aside, it just didn't get done - I'm partially blaming the person who guessed 75 million in the comment section because that number is a lot higher than the actual answer, and it's no fun revealing an answer that doesn't seem as grandiose as originally thought - right?

At any rate, beggars can't be choosers, and I am more than thrilled that someone guessed and even more thrilled to reveal the answer to Thursday Trivia:

The question was: 
How many hot dogs are Major League ballparks estimated to sell this baseball season?

And the answer is:
22.5 Million!

Which is still a whole lot of hotdogs... even when compared to the lonely guess of 75 million. I'm almost certain that if the Columbus Clippers' Dime-a-Dog night hotdog counts were included in the count... that 75 million would be pretty darn accurate...

Okay, okay... let's get down to business....
Ball Park food. 
What to eat?
How much to eat?
Should you indulge?

The Answers:
  • Hotdogs. Nothing beats eating a hotdog while watching a baseball game, so eat the hot dog. Sure the ingredient list may be longer than one of my rambling blogposts, and some of the ingredients could be questionable, but you're at a ball game - enjoy yourself. Typical hotdogs (bun included) will usually run you about 320 calories. With that being said, gon't go overboard. 1 hotdog will suit you just fine!
  • Cracker Jacks. 1 box will cost you 120 calories, a serving of whole grain and a cool souvenir to take home with you. Stick to 1 box and your sweet tooth and waist line will be more than satisfied. 
  • Peanuts. A 12 oz bag contains roughly 1,200 calories. Share with a friend and slash the calories in half while still enjoying one of baseball's timeless foods and also reaping the high counts of magnesium, heart-healthy fats and Vitamin E that peanuts provide.

With all that being said, the best thing to do when it comes to food temptations is to be smart. 5 hotdogs is not a good idea... but enjoying a hotdog every now and then will not hurt. Sucking down 7 beers is a bad idea altogether... for your waistline, liver and wallet, but enjoy 1 with your hotdog and you'll leave the game guilt-free. 

Additionally, like a lot of restaurants these days are doing - baseball stadiums across American are providing healthier options and even some vegetarian and vegan options as well. A number of cities offer up vegetarian hotdogs, sandwiches and even sushi! 

I recently read an article on that highlights 30 different baseball parks and their top healthy food options. You can find it here: Healthy Eats at Major League Baseball Parks

Did anyone get the privilege of attending an opening day baseball game? 
My friends and I were originally going to attend the Columbus Clippers' opening day game... but we were scared off by the cold temperatures... those warm days in March really spoiled us!

Did your favorite team win?
Mine did! Go Redlegs!

Have a great Saturday guys and Stay Healthy,

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